EZ4L and EZ Pass 2? can't flash HELP PLEASE

Discussion in 'Other Flashing Hardware & Software' started by rezendes, Dec 25, 2006.

  1. rezendes

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    Jun 20, 2006
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    Hi, I cannot figure out how to correctly flash my DS Lite with my EZ Flash
    IV Lite, EZ Pass original with the parallel/usb connector and 1GB microSD...
    I downloaded the .jed/.sav files from here:
    http://www.ezflash.cn/pass2/list.html AHBE-0 for the 4 game fun Pack
    Monopoly/Boggle/Yahtzee/Battleship US version... only game I have besides
    New Super Mario Brothers and it wasn't on the list. I formatted the microSD
    using FAT not Fat32... I load the gba loader and it is supposed to
    automatically create a Saver directory but fails to... So I make my Own
    Saver directory and I place the AHBE-0.sav renamed to passme2.sav and I also
    place the flashme.nds renamed to flashme.bin in the root... I try to boot
    and it Never comes up with the EZIV loader screen... always just goes to the
    main ds menu where you choose download play or nds game or gba game or ds
    download play... PLEASE HELP. Thanks.


    OK. The product just says EZ Pass on it... Does NOT say EZ Pass 2... but I
    have used it to successfully flash my own DS Lite back when I had the EZ
    Flash 2 PowerStar.... but now I have my brother's DS Lite and an EZ Flash 4
    Lite... ANY CLUES???
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    If it has a paraller connector it is an EZPass2.
    I assume you already set up the EZPass2 with the parallel cable
    A few thigns to try, get one of the earlier loaders: the later ones has some issues with some things and the widespread use of flashme and nopass could have masked it: http://ezflash.sosuke.com/files/EZ4/EZ4-Loader060530.7z

    Clean the contacts on your DS cart and the EZpass: if you fail to set up a passme2 correctly (I.E. not using a file on the SRAM) then you will usually just get whitescreened, your EZPass seems to be going undetected.
  3. rezendes

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    Jun 20, 2006
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    Hey, Thanks for the help, I figured it out... all I did was use a different game and a different .jed/.sav file.... so apparantly the .jed or .sav file on the ezflash homepage for the "4 in 1 monopoly, boggle, yahtzee, battleship" is corrupt or bad or wrong or whatever... I used Mario Kart btw [​IMG]