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    This is not an official release but I thought I would put together a pack containing the latest and greatest stuff for the EZ4.

    Latest Client
    15th of March patch updates
    Latest DS list courtesy of alcaholjunkie: http://romlistds.ajweb.co.uk/ (I missed revenant wings though)
    Latest GBA list, see below for more info.
    Modulo's tweaked loader
    Usual assortment of translations: English, Nederlands, Magyar, Français, Svenska, Deutsch and simplified Chinese.

    Download (4shared is acting up right now) http://www.sendspace.com/file/hqfmih
    Remember to update the loader (GBA should work fine with it once again) and 512k saves are supported.

    And yes pokemon works and saves fine with it on my EZ4 lite.

    GBA list:
    Roms updated to Game Boy Advance Video - Cartoon Network Collection - Edition Platinum, added in Motocross Challenge http://www.dhggames.com/ as well.
    Removed the action replay entry that avoided my notice (it meant unknown GBA/DS games may have been called action replay).

    No Chinese names back in yet and the last few entries are not in the same padded format as the majority of the list.
    Grab it here, Excel spreadsheet included:
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    ah that action replay tnaming problem was annoying haha. thanks for the fix!