EZ4 patch updated (17th of July)

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    Sorry for the delay on this one people.
    Original thread (Chinese)

    Dragon Quest 5 patched (anonym.to/? is a workaround for offsite linking).

    On a related note Windirt (EZ????? on the .cn forums if you did not know) posted about the new Diagasso Band Brothers. The rom uses 64Mbit file save while the EZ4 only ships with a 8Mbit save space (it is in fact the only rom that gets close to it), the EZ5 can get around this by saving directly to the memory card but the EZ4 is unable to do this (hardware limitation) so it will not be possible to have it working fully.

    Also thanks to cracker's new app ( http://gbatemp.net/index.php?showtopic=96077 ) I should be able to keep on top of the client packs now the GBA release scene is dead.