EZ4 patch 9th of July

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    Original thread

    Download (ezflash.cn for now)

    2392 - ????3 (?)
    2420 - ?????-JPN
    2421 - ???2 - USA

    Trauma Center 2,TopSpin 3,Nanashi Game fixed (this is in addition to last weeks 2401- Disgaea hour of darkness)

    I will get around to making a new pack this time (and posting it on the portal). Old pack:
    http://www.4shared.com/file/38644523/edd5e...rified=82bd34ea (there were a couple of updated DS lists on sosukes but you can just as easily add the name in the box in the top left of the screen).

    Thanks again to Rukia_ for keeping up on the .cn boards.

    edit for JPH: feel free to, I am in a bit of a rush and lack the time upload it to the downloads section and do the other stuff right now (I was going to update the EZ4Client pack).
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    Would you like me to Portal post?

    Don't really get why you'd post here instead of on the front page [​IMG]
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    Yeah FAST6191 ! don't hesitate. [​IMG]