EZ4 Client Crashing Please Help!!

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    Apr 21, 2008
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    Every time i try to open the ez client it crashes [​IMG]
    Thing's i tried

    01. Restarting
    02. Removing all client software then replacing
    03. Moving it to a new folder
    04. Trying to open it with the EZ-SD reader in and out
    05. Using a Different SD Reader
    06. Deleted C:\WINDOWS\TEMP\EZ4Para.ini
    07. Tried a older version of the client
    08. System Restore

    What can i do to fix this?

    Are there any reg key's it set's? if so where are they located so i can remove them

    Plz help this prevents me from adding more rom's... and i just ordered a new sd card [​IMG]
    Kingston 2GB

    And are there any alternatives to the ez4 client that will for for ez4 (phat)

    Seems after installing the supercard software it replaced/fixed a dll and ez4 got scared of it and started working