EZ4 Client 10th of October

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    A quick update from the EZTeam today:

    New EZ4 Client for the 10th of October, no major changes as far as the end user is concerned:
    DS list updated to 0594 (my version includes this and demos)
    Support for 4M saves.
    Fixed bug with GBA link feature with ROM 510 (Kouchuu Ouja Mushi King - Greatest Champion e no Michi 2 (a fighting beetle game for all those that wondered)

    My version (7zip) Feel free to link or rehost:
    EZ4 Client 10th of October

    New loader to go with it:

    My addtions:
    I added some translations of EZ4 Client and improved the English version, thanks to authors on EZFlash wiki (names given if provided)
    Swedish: Heinrisch
    Italian: Decker4000
    Hungarian: davido2

    I also updated the GBA and DS rom lists to the current release (included in the archive but here they are seperately).
    GBA (look for the file called GBAUP):

    DS (List by killerbong)

    The EZFlash_4.htm is a copy of the English FAQ from the EZFlash wiki (replaces the bundled Chinese one).

    Original version