EZ3in1 + DSTT - Can i somehow use cheats in gba games?

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    Jan 21, 2009

    i have a DSTT slot 1 card and the EZFLASH 3in1 slot 2 device,

    i currently use GbaExploader to play gba roms, but i want to be able to use cheats on my gba games through the EZ3in1,

    like to be able to get the event items in pokemon fire red and emerald.

    if there is no way to do it like that,

    then is there a chance i can use Visual Boy Advance with AR codes then transfer the save from that to my EZ3in1?

    thankyou for your time and help
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    VBA saves work with GBA ExpLoader without conversion. A Pokeyman save from ExpLoader should work in VBA without conversion as well, assuming you have VBA set to use the correct save type.

    That's probably your best bet without buying different hardware.
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    I have answered this question like 5 times now.
    Nice GABSharky Tutorial

    EDIT: Sorry, in case you were wondering, GABSharky can be found in the "guide" link (Steven's Cheating Guide). The link above that is broken now, but GABSharky is included in the SCG.