EZ Writer II (2) replacement

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    The led doesn't turn on anymore on my EZ writer 6.1. It says EZ writer on the orange casing but I have it disassembled right now. It says it was made in 11/2005 which is pretty old for how long it worked. Anyway i'd like to use my EZ flash 3 again so could anyone reference me to a site where I could possibly get a new one. Another alternative is to fix it. I can see that one chip, the largest one on the board of my EZ writer, looks fried. It's the one directly under the R9 through r13 labels, and right nex to the R6 label. Does anyone know what chip this is and if it's replaceable. Thanks in advance

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    They ain't made or sold anymore. You can try ebay or the trading section here when you meet the requirements.
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    I do not have an EZwriter 2 or 3 at my disposal right now (or for the foreseeable future) but as a rule of thumb- big chips (or ones with lots of legs) tend to be complex logic type devices rather than a simple logic gate or voltage regulator/converter type things so it is going to probably be a full on replacement with like for like devices rather than trying to scrounge something together. Similarly the only place I ever saw that sold them by themselves does not even list them as out of stock any more (Jandaman).
    Pulling apart my surprisingly well made EZwriter 1 though there are 5 other chips, a voltage regulator, a capacitor I think and a whole bunch of surface mount resistors, filters and simple stuff but the main one
    cypress EZ USB
    AN2131QC (a bunch of hits on the search- looks to be a fairly standard, if old, USB controller)
    ENY0145 Korea
    Obviously it could have changed in the version bumps but more likely it is a few new pins/wiring changes to open/close the different memory types on the chip. You are stuck with surface mount techniques if you go down this path mind (doable but very long winded unless you have the proper tools).

    If it just charging then just having it in something with a powered GBA slot (if you have a DS then that will work)

    You "might" be able to co-opt some of the NOR writing stuff for the EZ4 (although I would not place money on it)- many of the EZ3 tools/information crosses over to the EZ4 and vice versa but I doubt you will find anything to touch the NAND. Still http://ezflash.sosuke.com/viewtopic.php?f=12&t=3531

    I have forgotten the name but there is a DS side flashing application- if you should find it in your travels it will not work for you as it is designed for totally different hardware.

    Edit: while I am linking things up
    http://www.ziegler.desaign.de/GBA/gba.htm#cart%20reader (not directly useful for you but worth knowing about).