EZ-V Flash Update

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    Aug 4, 2007
    hi i still got the old version firmware 1.66 of EZ5
    and i hear rumor that the firmware 1.68 and above are not that good, because the gui isnt that good as before
    once update firmware from 1.66 to 1.68, it cant be downgraded,
    so 1; is it necessary to update it?
    2 ; it is really better to have firmware 1.68 and above?
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    There is an EZFlash section within the DS section of the site but OK.

    You should be able to upgrade and downgrade loaders at will although as you will likely have to update the bootstrap it may be a bit more complex than you might like (I can not remember exactly where the method was but it is around somewhere).

    2. Large things are the resetsp.bin changed and people no longer update the save lists.
    It is still moonshell based (for now anyhow) so GUI should not be much different.
    Extensive cheat support was added (more than what exists for you right now).
    Multilanguage was added.
    Download play was fixed.
    Loads of little fixes

    For what it is worth after the initial settling down phase most people are happy with the GUI.

    Full changelog from 1.66 to todays new beta.
    Warning: Spoilers inside!