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Nov 3, 2002
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EZ Pass 2 Review


I’d like to thank Shop01 for providing the EZ Pass 2 that I reviewed. This review was made using a US MKDS Red DS, EZ Pass 2 (courtesy of Shop01), original MKDS game, and a Supercard SD (courtesy of KickTrading).

Configuring the EZ Pass

1. Download the ISPVM software.
2. Go to here and download the JED file that matches the real DS game you will be using.
3. Download the corresponding SAV file only if you are using a flash cart that allows NDS Loader writing.
4. Install the ISPVM software but make sure to not install the USB drivers.
5. Shut down your computer and hook up the EZ Pass linker to your PC. Make sure to attach both the parallel port connector and USB connector.
6. Open up the step by step guide.
7. Plug the EZ Pass connector into the EZ Pass.
8. Start the ISPVM software and follow the step by step guide.

Configuring the flash cart

This info is subject to the flash cart you will be using.

1. Download and install the Superpass software.
2. Note: Use only roms of games that you own.
3. Plug in your SD card and start "Supercard".
4. Add the .gba file that corresponds to your real DS cart. This file is found in the folder that you installed the Superpass software to.
5. Right click on the .gba file and reference the save file to the .gba file. The save file is also found in the Superpass folder.
6. Add whatever .nds games that you want. If you already have saves for those roms, reference them the same way.
7. After the program outputs the files to your "OUT" folder, copy them over to your FAT (not FAT32) formatted SD card. Also make sure to copy the "rominfo" & "ndsinfo" files from your Super Card folder onto your SD card.
8. Start your DS with only the Supercard in and when the Supercard menu boots, run the .gba file.
9. Press “A” to write the save file to your SRAM.
10. Plug your EZ Pass 2 into your DS and then turn the DS power off and back on quickly and it should boot into the Supercard menu and away you go.

+ Simple programming of the EZ Pass when following the guide.
+ EZ Pass slips into the DS rather easily.
+ The DS card slips into the EZ Pass rather easily.
+ DS can sit flat when EZ Pass is in.

- Plastic used for EZ Pass feels kinds cheap.
- DS game sticks out of the EZ Pass too far.
- Whole unit sticks out quite a bit and makes me nervous that I could snap the EZ Pass if not careful.

Overall Score:


While the unit sticks out a bit, it does allow the DS to sit flat and the setup of the EZ Pass is rather quick and simple.


As of 25th September 2007

With the emergence of slot-1 solutions, it appears that passcards such as this one have become completely obsolete.
This device did its job (and did it well) when we needed it, but now for any slot-1 owner it isn't much more useful than a piece of plastic. However if you feel compelled to use a slot-2 flashcart for some reason, you might find this device a good solution.


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