EZ IV to DS?

Discussion in 'EZ-Flash' started by RoboClover, May 26, 2008.

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    Apr 14, 2008
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    So after a bit of headache i got my hands on a my friend's old DS. It is essentially new; he almost never played it. So im thinking finally! i got my DS! so happy! But i was so worried about the getting of the DS itself and was so spoiled and used to just flashing games onto my GBA i hadnt thought about buying games [​IMG]...Anyways, i'm broke and until such a time as i come into some money i'm stuck with warioware touched. So, i looked at my EZ IV and wondered about using it on the DS...is that doable? Like to use it for DS games in the same way i use it for GBA? Is there some kind of other hardware i need? Or do i just need different software for the card? I cant figure out how to boot the card in "DS Mode"...anything special i need to do for that? Please note that im a complete noob for DS stuff and not a whole lot better on GBA; my last big thing was i got it to play music. This EZ IV thing is of course temporary until i get a new, more DS-specific card...Any recommendations on one of those? I just want it for games and it should have some good multimedia capabilities.

    Thanks guys
  2. martin88

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    Yes you can play DS games with EZFlash IV. It was actually designed to play DS games.

    But you need to flash your DS with FlashMe or buy a PassMe in order to do so.

    I recommend FlashMe.
  3. TheWingless

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    With your EZ IV, you could buy a passcard/me or something so it will work with DS mode. You can only use 2 GB mini/microSD cards though. A passcard/me is really cheap though. I think you'll still have to use the client though but I'm not srue. I'm also not sure if certain ones work with each other.
    Here is one that I know of w/ fast shipping 3 or less days in US: Passcard 3 Shipping will cost about 6-8 bucks though.
  4. Jack-Of-Trades

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    If i was you i would just a Slot1 card that has a passme feature
    Since using slot 2 (gba) to play Slot 1 (nds) games have speed/other issues

    But regardless a passcard or a slot1 card is needed since you need one of those to use flashme and what not