EZ-Flash V Kernel 1.63

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    EZ-Flash V Kernel 1.63
    Two bug fixes

    The EZ Team have released a new kernel for the EZ-V that fixes two small bugs that cropped up in the last release. Nothing too notable, but it's recommended you update to the latest version.

    Thanks to Athlon-pv for the heads up! You can download the update locally from GBAtemp below.

    [​IMG] Download
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    Yarr! I had noticed that the browser was broken in the 1.62 update and posted about it in the the EZV forum of gbatemp. I thought my 3-1 had broken instead tho! Good thing it was just the kernel.
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    Apr 9, 2007
    does anyone know how i can convert Supercard saves to EZ-V saves?

    i've found it myself
    just rename the file [​IMG]