EZ Flash V Kernal 1.6 is OUT!!!

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  1. ujoewong

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    Feb 4, 2007

    go grab yours now... After so many months.. finally an update..

    EZ-FLASH 5 Kernel v1.6 upgrade instruction

    1. Please backup your valuable data on the MicroSD, like the ROM and saver folder.

    2. Format the MicroSD with FAT16

    3. Extract the downloaded kernel package to the root folder of MicroSD. then copy the backuped data back.
    4. Press the R key when boot up EZ5 cart till the EZ5 upgrade menu showa up. press R again to upgrade the kernel and A enter the new kernel after upgrade.

    5. Click the "blue question mark" button to popup the Help window. Verify the version number on window title.

    6. The "ez5upldr.bin" in the root folder can be deleted safely after kernel upgrade.

    Improvement of the upgrade
    1. Lower touch screen can be operated, the five icon on the left side is: Brightness adjustment/Cheat toggle(not open yet)/Help/Option/Shutdown by descending order.

    2. Removed the MicroSD speed setting and added icon size toggle in the system option.

    3. The new kernel used second generation internal hybrid engine. no more savelist needed.

    4. Moonshell 1.71 used as system kernel. DPG2 supported

    Usage of 3in1 expansion pack
    1. The support of Browser and GBA gaming not changed.

    2. Rumble and GBA Link can be toggled by touch the button at the center of lower screen. the default setting is Rumble enabled.
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    Just saw on the sosuke's forum, awesome, gonna update now. Was going to post the news as well xD
    EDIT: I noticed in the instructions that it says to format to FAT16, some people on the forums, have success on FAT32, so I guess it's safe to try.
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    Dec 2, 2005
    What is the difference between FAT16 and FAT32?

    Does is make a diffrence if my micro-sd is formatted in one type or the other?
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    Jul 23, 2005
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    doesn't seem to be critical, but no harm following the instructions?

    I always thought that such a kernel should have existed at the very beginning, but anyway, better late than never!