EZ Flash V 3 in 1 - Freezes on white Gameboy Logo everytime

Discussion in 'EZ-Flash' started by nrob72, Oct 18, 2014.

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    Oct 18, 2014

    I'm running the EZ Flash V 3 in 1 on a DS Lite with an R4 Upgrade card (SDHC). I have the latest firmware for the R4 installed (v. 1.8) and I am using the latest version of GBA Exploader. I have read through the tutorials and I'm pretty sure I've got the right set up - both Exploader files copied on to the root of the SD, with a separate 'GBA' folder containing the games. Exploader launches ok, I can select the games but then when I create a new save file the white screen loads on the top screen with the Gameboy logo (but no Nintendo underneath) and then it just freezes.

    Really stuck on this, would appreciate any suggestions!

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    That can be nearly anything from trying to run a 32MB rom in PSRAM to a dirty rom, stating what games gives you that issue can help you get a better answer.

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    Did you also make a save folder? Some clones do not know how to generate a folder for you.
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    Any fix? I'm late to the game and just got a ez flash V 3in1. Same thing. It freezes at the Gameboy screen. Sometimes the "advance" part is pixelated out or it doesn't even show up. Can't get past the Gameboy screen for any game. I can't load any gameboy advance games, including smaller ones on either NOR or PSRAM.
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