EZ-Flash Omega: Sega Master System/Game Gear emulation

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    Jul 20, 2019
    Just got an Omega and found it a bit strange there was no built-in SMS/GG emulation yet. Luckily the kernel source is on GutHub and it wasn't too hard to hack in SMSAdvance. Seems to run fine although, being just a quick hack, exiting doesn't bring you back to the EZ-Flash menu so you need to power off.

    I've offered the changes as a pull request but no idea if this will make it to the "official" kernel. I'd post a link to the kernel binary but apparently new users can't do that, so you'll just need to find it on GitHub (go to /atomicretronl/omega-kernel/releases with tag "k1.06_sms").

    Have fun,

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    You can use this fork to get Pogoshell support which allows you to use things like SMSAdvance. The EZ Omega kernel is ~1.4MB. All the plugins supported are ~2.4MB. There's only enough room for a 2MB kernel, so it doesn't make a lot of sense trying to stuffing a select amount of them into the kernel or keeping them up to date there (as uncommon as updates are at this point). If you want to make your own fork, though, that's entirely up to you.
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