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    Jul 1, 2018

    As the title says I appear to have a rather unique issue with my EZ-Flash Omega cart. In particular as long as the device is powered on there will be a constant, faint static noise playing through the speaker or connected headphones. This happens as soon as I power on the device, and persists through main menu and into all games. Sometimes it changes pitch a bit but the noise itself never stops.
    However, this noise is extremely faint when not using headphones, so I didn't realize it was happening at first, but it's very noticeable with headphones.

    This shouldn't be related to the audio issue encountered with RTS feature, as I simply never use real time saves to begin with.
    The noise also happens on all my devices (GBM, AGB-001, NDS Lite, all from Europe), and the noise doesn't happen when using a "normal" GBA cartridge.

    Does anyone else have this issue? Or is it just my cart that's faulty?

    Edit: The EZ-Flash team got back to me and said "OMEGA uses a high frequency FPGA, it may cause static noise. Some people are sensitive to the noise." which I guess answers my question: It's normal.
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