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    Apr 9, 2020
    Hey there,

    Today i got my EZ Flash Omega which i am using with a NDSL. I only had a 1GB micro SD at home so i used it. Following the manual i put the files needed onto the SD card, updated it (pressing R booting) and gave it a go. After booting, it stated that the micro SD has an initial error. After seraching the forums i found out that it's better to use SD cards above 2GB. So i went to a local store and got a brand new SanDisk 64GB micro SD. I did as before and it worked. I could play and save a game.

    However after turning off the DSL and switching to another game, it crashed, so i had to reboot again. AFter this happened, everytime i wanted to boot a game, all i got were white screens. On every game i tested, also the ones that used to work just minutes before.

    I formatted the SD in various ways (exFAT, 32kB,...), I cleaned the contacs of my ds, the flash card and the SD card. The flash card is assembled tightly.The "Test Psram" showed "read S71 ID OK, read S96 ID OK". I splitted my games into different folders.

    So i tried out a lot, mostly testing all the formating options. Some results were:

    - the micro SD initial error came back a few times
    - white screen after booting a game (this happed the most frequent)
    - the black loading screen after booting a gba game. it says something with "Loading - checking save file", but without any progression
    - games seem to work, then crash. followed up by what i wrote above: white screens appeared afterwards after booting like any game after a crash

    If anyone knows anything i can do about this, i would love to read about it. I googled a lot already and tried every "fix" i could find. The EZ Flash Omega was my big hope after finally letting go of my 3in1 EZ Flash V, which was giving me saving issues for years. Are the products of the producers really that bad? I don't want to believe it.
    So, again, any help is very welcome! :-)

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