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    Dec 8, 2018

    I have a dslite (USG-001) and a EZ Flash Omega I've got as a Christmas gift, and I have multiple problems with it.

    Here are some infos about it :
    - Dslite model : USG-001 (bought in Europe).
    - Games played : only gba games, I don't care about GB/GBC emulation.
    - ES firmware : latest one available (Kernel 1.06 and Firmware 7.0).
    - SD card : Samsung EVO 32GB in FAT32 + 32k allocation size.

    Issues I have :
    - Unable to keep saves, as in game saves, when switching off and switching on the game: I'm waiting 5-10s every time, and I have no issue with the saves as long as I don't shut down the ds. I know a save file is generated, but it seems to not care about it. I can share the save file if needed.
    - Unable to keep RTS saves after restarting : Same idea, as long as the game isn't shut down, the RST load works fine. When shutting down and restarting the game, all I get when I load the game is a white screen...

    Other issues that are less problematic :
    - Unable to use exFAT : using the official recommendation, I formatted a 64GB microsd using exFAT, but the OS refuses to recognize the card and instead says "read error"... using another card formatted in FAT32 instead worked, so it's not that big of a deal.
    - Using RESET doesn't reset properly in some games, instead goes to say that it doesn't recognize the SD CARD. Shutting down and restarting solves the problem.
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