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    Recently I purchased EZ Flash IV (Ironic, my first portable console was Gameboy Advance original [The one I plan using EZ Flash IV now] and my first console I "hacked" is the Nintendo DS Lite)
    anyways, Its about to get to my place and I got a micro SD with a miniSD and SD adapter (I heard that there's a SD to USB adapter coming with the EZ Flash IV) so I will be able to write whatever I want now without using my Nokia 6120C [which I hate because it creates folders such as "Images" "Videos" and "Sounds"] and I'd like to know
    a. Will it work on my GBA Original? I did read some people targeting people who'd like to get a flash cart for their GBA to the EZ IV but some people were discussing Nintendo DS Lite flashing, which is not what I want, I got acekard 2.1 for that matter
    b. Which ROMs can run and which ROMs won't run? the only thing I know is that Mother 3 after english patch won't run because its too big, the NOR flash memory consists 32 Megabytes and the ROM file is over it even after trimming, but one game won't kill me
    c. I heard people discussing Pokemon Ruby\Sapphire\Emerald while using the term "Real time clock", after opening my Pokemon Sapphire I found a piece of hardware that actually counts time (8 legs connected, right side on PCB, it doesn't actually count time but count time amount of transfer it gets and every 55 times of transfer *55 Hz* it raises time by one minute, each 60 minutes it raises hour by one.. each 24 hours it resets) and that the EZ IV doesn't have that peice of hardware, will that make all the GBA pokemon games unplayable?
    d. Are the saves still stored using the SRAM method [EEPROM]? if they are, the EZ IV will consist a watch-sized battery, if it will, can I recharge it without resoldering it likewise I had to do with EZ Flash IV 3-in-1?
    e. the only memory I am aware of on the catridge is the NOR flash memory [writing a large sized GBA roms which WON'T get deleted after the device is turned off at a very slow speed, basically a flash memory] PSRAM [Just like all the RAMs, small memory that writes really fast and requires voltage in order to keep the files] and the battery SRAM, however the device need to flash the games before running them, where do I write that? does the device have a firmware memory stick or does it somehow read it out of the miniSD?
    f. Do I need to prepare files\operation system\patch to ROMs before running `em? what I did is I trimmed it and SRAM patched all my GBA ROMs via GBATA, is that fine?
    g. on my GBA original I noticed that on the SLOT reader there are two circuits, one that reads GBA sized games and one that reads GB\C sized games, therefore I believe that puting GB\C ROM's and patching\trimming them won't do the trick, are there are any tricks to run GB\C ROM's on the EZ flash IV?
    h. I formatted my microSD to FAT16 [or FAT as Windows calls it] and I got a miniSD adapter, will that do the trick or is the device not meant to read FAT type memory? I googled it with no results

    FYI : I googled everything here, I saw a lot of discussions about a lot of stuff here without a primary conclusion else I didn't find anything at all, hopefully the answers will be added to google database x]

    Thanks for your help
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    A. Yes, it works with the GBA, SP, Micro, DS, and DS Lite.
    B. There are compatibility lists, search for them.
    C. According to the games: "The internal battery has run dry. The game can be played, however time-based events will no longer occur"
    D. It has a battery, and it writes the games to something before it boots them. I don't think it's rechargeable.
    E. It flashes the game to PSRAM from the miniSD, and then on next reboot it writes the save back to miniSD.
    F. You have to run the ROM's through the EZ-Flash IV client software.
    G. Use an emulator, there are a few floating around.
    H. That should do the trick.