EZ-Flash IV or EZ-Flash 3in 1 Expansion Pack?

Discussion in 'GBA - Hardware, Devices and Utilities' started by ladypoodle, Sep 3, 2009.

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    I'm into these kind of decisions [​IMG]

    I have an EDGE DS with me so I know I can run EZ-Flash with no problems. Here are some questions before I make up my mind:

    1. Both perform pretty well but which of the two do better in running GBA games?
    2. Does both have problems when it comes to RTC (like Pokemon)? If so, what should I download?
    3. I saw videos that Mother 3 English runs smoothly but what about the other ROM hacks (like Touhoumon, yeah I play those)? Do they work properly?
    4. I heard that EZ-Flash 3in1 Plus has a 512MBit and 4MBit SRAM. Is it true? If so, can anyone provide a link on where can I buy it in a cheapest price possible? Can it run on EDGE DS?

    Sorry for the complicated questions but your answers can delve me deeper into my "final" decision [​IMG]

    Thanks and cheers, y'all [​IMG]

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    Read the review of the EZ4:

    I explain here about the expansion packs avaiable:

    1. neither, the 3in1 a stripped down EZ4. If you plan to use cheats, the EZ4 wins. The 3in1 uses loaderless mode and plays the game directly.
    2. The EZ4 and 3in1 do NOT have RTC, that means your going to be RTC patching pokemon.
    3. Read the EZ4 review, especially the Compatibility/Performance section.
    4. Read the second link. Cheapest place is dealextreme. If you don't want to wait a month before getting it, you should go to realhotstuff it is stateside.


  3. TM2-Megatron

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    2. If Pokemon is important to you, the M3 GBA Expansion is another alternative. It works with ExpLoader on non-M3 slot-1 devices (I use it with my CycloDS), and it's the cheapest slot-2 solution by far to have a true RTC. It works very much like the 3in1, requiring a loader for the GBA ROM, as opposed to something like the EZ-Flash IV that has a microSD of its own.
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