Ez-flash IV lite broken

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    Nov 22, 2006
    Hi, I bought the Ez-Flash IV Lite about a month ago. All was going well except for a few save problem (which i fixed by re-installing client and re-adding games) untill one day the ds froze mid-game. I switched it off and back on annoyed that i lost a few hours play but nothing else.

    More recently it started happening more regularly to the extent that it became almost unplayable as it froze about every 10 minutes. Then when i turned it back on all i got was a white screen, and it seemed the ez-flash IV lite card was no longer being recognised (There is no Game Pak inserted), i fixed this a few times by putting a gba game in the gba slot and a ds game in the ds slot. This worked a few times, but last time... it didn't

    I have already tried re-installing everything, re-formatting the micro sd card, I put the circuit board in the darker coloured casing... and i've just about exhausted all ideas.

    If anyone else has had a similar issue, or thinks they have a solution please tell me, I really can't afford to replace it especially with the wii coming out in 2 weeks here...

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    Sounds like the contacts are not making good connection, you have a couple of options:
    clean the contacts, a good bet as they get covered in dirt damn quick and sometimes have a bit of flux remaining on them from manufacture. Use a pencil rubber or a cotton bud and some cleaning alcohol.

    Place some strips of paper between the base and the PCB to force the connections forward a bit and so make a better connection