EZ Flash IV, I did something and now I have to manually load my saves

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    Aug 3, 2014
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    I think what cause the problem is I went into the saver file in my gba, clicked on one of the saves out of curiosity, and it said load to sram or something. Then later when I launched a game, my save was gone. If I do the load thing from saver again it seems to work, but my save is older each time, like it's erasing them or something. What is going on? Maybe I did something to my SD card idk. I am using a micro to mini adapter, but everything was fine. I know I put some more roms on right before I noticed this issue. Also my games save fine, so this is just some weird thing I did to my Castlevania Circle of the Moon save or something. I notice I renamed it, maybe this affected it.