Hacking Ez Flash IV how to get saves working for fan translation/battery died?


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Jun 12, 2011
Ive been trying to get the EZ flash IV working with the fan translations of Battlenetwork 4.5 and mother 3. Other games seam to work fine i upload them to the client on PC and it works pretty seamlessly.

those two however not to much.

4.5 loads no problem and plays without issue. i was using the real battle version + English and it worked great until you go to save it and the save file fails in game.
i tried using a VBA save file but nada i dont really know what to do with this one.

mother 3 i tried a lot less when you try to load it it says PSRAM is not enough then just does nothing.

The other issue is i think my EZflash 4 battery died just recently to which i was reading old threads and they mentioned you can rather replace the battery quickly turn the system on and off or use the EZ flash 4 reset to save it on the startup screen? do those methods work/should i be fine doing that or is there any other tips for it?


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Nov 21, 2005
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Mother 3 is a 256Mbit ROM so you have to write it to the NOR instead (most EZ4 models only have 128Mbit of internal RAM to copy games to, larger ones then get copied to the NOR). The NOR is the first screen you see when you go through to select games, press start on the NOR screen to format or select to delete the last game (owing to the way NOR works it has to always be the last game). When the ROM is highlighted on the SD card side of things you can write it I think it was with select.

Have you tried save patching? GBATA SRAM https://no-intro.org/tools.htm probably being a good start. The EZ4's autopatching might not work with the fan translation.

On failed battery. Replacement is easy enough if you can solder and get one with tags already welded. The type varies depending upon age (earlier ones had a rechargeable battery, later ones not so much. VL2020 was the rechargeable, would be another 2020 size I think for most GBA cart size EZ4s but the DS lite ones will vary).
Otherwise yeah most RAM does not instantly lose data when power goes -- varies depending upon temperature but well into the seconds range and thus flicking the power on and off or maybe skipping that by using a reset can bypass that problem. Not my idea of a good time to have to remember to do that vs just having it do it when I load it next but play it as you will.
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