Ez-flash IV for emulation on GB Micro

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    Jun 29, 2007
    I already have a DS and like the fact that in LameBoy/NesDS I can load the GB/GBC/NES roms directly from SD card.
    I'm tempted by the micro - I want to play GB/GBC/GBA and NES roms on it.

    The problem is, how difficult would it be to include a lot of roms for GoombaColor/pocketNes? I tried building a one-game=one-rom for the pocketNES and it turned out to be ~300mb - thus impossible to run, am I right?

    I tried researching if POGOshell can explore SD card contents - this way I could put the roms in folders on the sd card and run them with with the emulators set as pogoshell plugins.

    What can be done to have giant libraries of roms on Ez-flash IV and GB Micro?
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    PogoShell won't probably work, since the last card it supported was the EFA I.

    You might probably be better off with a SuperCard Slot-2, if you're interested in emulation. Since those come with a built-in NES emulator (which is nothing less than PocketNES itself!) and a built-in GB emulator (can't remember if on the last firmware they upgraded it to GoombaColor...) and both fully support direct loading from the SD, so you would just have to place ROMs on your SD, and they would load from there directly.

    Have you tried using GoombaFront and placing fewer roms in it? It should work then. Don't try to exceed 32MB with a single ROM and you should be fine.
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    Jun 29, 2007
    I've only heard bad stuff about supercard sd - however you sparked my interest in it; Seems comfortable. Thanks for the info!

    Yet, if I wanted to stick to EZ-flash IV (because sits flush in micro and I have a chance of buying it with micro today)
    Then another (stupid) workaround would be to split the romsets to alphabetical compilations; like Nes_A.gba, Nes_B.gba, ... ... Yeah this seems stupid.

    I don't have it yet but I believe I can easily manage to end up with files smaller than 32mb

    Or just be picky about what I include, right?

    Turns out I wasn't paying attention!
    ^ this is what you are talking about?

    Thank you so much for upping my mood back [​IMG]

    Recapping; I could comfortably play NES/GB/GBC/GBA games on my gameboy micro with it?
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    Just a quick note- if you are building with goomba front then the miniSD EZ4 can only have a 16 meg rom (the PSRAM is only 16 megs in that model- anything bigger will have to go to the NOR.

    While DLDI did exist for the tail end of the GBA era few apps ever had it (or even one of the inbuilt precursors) patches into it aside from the likes of the inbuilt emulators raulpica mentioned.

    pogoshell will not work and even then it mainly revolved around making an image and burning that- most things pogoshell was ported to used NOR memory). The best you can hope for is something like http://www.kuwanger.net/gba/plugin2gba/

    If you want to run GBA games steer clear of the supercard, homebrew is fine though.
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    Don't get the Supercard JUST for its emulators, simply because the versions built-in are ancient. You'd be better off using the latest version of PocketNES and Goomba Color on any flash cart of your choice (which can be a Supercard of course).

    With most GBA flash carts, the limit is 32 MB per .gba file, though like FAST6191 said, with some like the EZ-IV this limit may be lower.

    Dwedit did actually make a DLDI-compatible build of PocketNES, and it worked on my Supercard miniSD, but it was glitchy and froze sometimes. The compilations are more cumbersome but will ultimately give you better performance.