EZ-Flash IV Client & Firmware Update "2006-11-09"

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    EZ-Flash IV Client & Firmware Update "2006-11-09"

    Out now

    A new EZ-Flash IV firmware dated for 2006-11-09 is out, and so is an update patch to the PC software dated 2006-11-08.
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    seems like DS-X spawned the other companies to work on their firmware as well because I have never seen so many firmware updates since DS-X released. Well done DS-X.
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    WTF are you talking about?

    It's obvious you haven't got an EZ4 lite, or you'd know they update pretty regular. (Not that they need too, since all the new games I've tried have worked staight away. )

    Looks like they've added some GBA support to the compact...which was sold as being a strictly DS cart!

    Stick to posting your fanboy comments in the DS-X section. [​IMG]
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    Pretty funny comment [​IMG] , i was under the impression that the DS-X contributed to world peace , i mean Rumsfeld got fired and shit that was just after the release of the DS-X new firmware [​IMG]

    GO DS-X!