EZ-Flash IV being messed up

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  1. Ammako

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    Dec 22, 2009
    Overview of the problem: The EZ-Flash is stuck on boot at the "Checking saver" screen.
    One day it was working great, then I set it aside for a while. Then I put some other games on it, but it refuses to boot and stays on that screen.
    Anyone else had that happen to them?Edit: Managed to fix it. All I did was load it in DS mode on my DS, then I loaded a GBA game from there.I saved in-game, then when I used soft-reset it went back to the menu.Then I tested to see if I was able to boot in GBA mode and it worked.Seems like the contents of SRAM were messed up for some reason and made the EZ-Flash hang up when trying to back it up.

    Edit again: The miniSD started acting up, but I was able to backup pretty much everything.
    I formatted it with SDFormatter and it seemed to work fine, but I got WARNING: FAT filesystem error when trying to access the files with the EZ-Flash IV.

    Now I am unable to format the card. My camera cannot format it. Windows cannot format it. SDFormatter cannot format it.