EZ Flash IV and Mac OS X

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    Mar 26, 2007
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    So I bought an R4 and an EZIV Deluxe (along with some microSD cards, of course), and the R4 works just fine because it's drag and drop. The EZIV, however, apparently must use some sort of client to run any commercial games properly. I have a Mac. I can only find this client for Windows. Am I basically screwed?

    Any help would be much appreciated.

    EDIT: Oh, also, I'm confused as to what I actually need to download for the EZIV. Can someone point me to a link of the most up-to-date files I need for it?
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    You can run the client under an emu if you have an old powerpc mac (I am assuming a new one will have parallels) and although I have not made any headway whatsoever past figuring out what has been done I have some info on what is done to GBA roms so one day you may see something (going to have to learn some form cross platform coding or get better c first though).

    As for most up to date there are three components you may be concerned with

    EZ4Client: this is the thing that ties it all together.
    Patchdll.dll: this is DLL that is used to patch roms.
    ezfla_up.bin: the loader updates
    romname.lst: the GBA naming file
    romlistds.txt: the DS naming file

    You can grab them all from the EZFlash US forums http://ezflash.sosuke.com/ (anything of great importance is stickied although I suggest you read the final few posts in each thread).
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    I'd just like to expand on this:

    If you have a PowerPC computer, then you'll want to get 'hold of Virtual PC. I used this on my G5 to transfer games to the EZ IV Lite and it worked just fine. It's not incredibly fast, but it's good enough.

    On the other hand, if you have an Intel mac, you don't necessarily need Parallels Desktop, as you can just use Apple's Boot Camp to install Windows on another partition. This way you can boot into Windows at full speed. Surprisingly enough, Windows XP runs better on my MacBook Pro than on an actual PC [​IMG]

    Kinda sucks though having to use Windows just to deal with making compatible files for the EZ IV. I'm glad I upgraded to R4, because I never really played GBA games anyways after getting myself a DS [​IMG]

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    Thanks for the help. I used Parallels and, although it was all quite a hassle, the EZIV is working like a charm.