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    I own an R4 for my DS lite and I want my experience with the EZ Flash to match my experience with my R4; which is very good. To me it really comes down to having a personal micro SD card for my slot 2 (which I have) and the memory expansion for the DS browser. The most important thing to me is the GBA support. With IV lite I can have more games to play but with the 3 in 1 I can have the browser support without having to swap my slot 2 card for the official Nintendo ram exp. that I own. What do you think I should do? Which one should I go with? Oh and cheat support is important to me too (always fun to play the game again with crazy stuff going on). Can I patch the Pokemon games for the real time clock one either one? Thanks for the help.
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    Browser support is limited to the EZ4litedeluxe right now as I recall but the homebrew ones have more or less surpassed the official one (couple that with the other wifi based apps and you leave the official one standing). Homebrew ram is possible for both.

    Cheats: cart side is not much good for either but between trainers ( http://gba.dellicious.de/trainer.php?s=n&o=asc&d= ) and gabsharky (several posts by myself and others over the last few months) you should be OK.

    GBA support, top notch for both.

    RTC: a generic patch is available. Only problem is that time only advances when powered/playing meaning berries (which take 24 real hours to grow) take longer than you might think (game days are about 6 hours to a day as I recall). Search for no-frills patches for a big archive of them and there were a few new/ported ones kicking around here a few weeks back (I think it was Destructobot that done them).