1. shaoranm

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    Apr 27, 2006
    Well, I don't know if this is new, but...

    I just got my Superkey from Jandaman last Wednesday, and my supercard mini sd would still be two weeks away. So, while waiting, I decided to look over some forums if it can be possible to use ezflash II with superkey.

    As it turns out, Superkey can be used with ezflash II. It would work however, but you would be limited to one game in the cart (as you have to disable the loaders). Also, I'm not quite sure if you can take your saves out of the rom and put it back in (I haven't tried that part yet).

    As for the Superkey, I have no idea if it is the old one or the new one. I know for a fact that the new card has a splashscreen, but I don't know when it appears (mine just goes white blank after the health warning screen), so I have not much clue in it.

    But still, it's good that I can try out my Superkey while waiting for my supercard order. [​IMG]
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