EZ 4 vs EZ V

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    I'm a complete n00b so please bare with me. I'm sure you get a lot of topics like this one so I'm gonna keep it as short as possible.

    I'm trying to decide between EZ 4 and EZ V (I already own a R4DS) so here goes:

    1- Do they allow you to play GBA roms?
    2- Does the EZ V use Micro SD? (I think that's the name, you know the little card used with R4DS as well)
    3 - What is the max capacity of the micro SD (assuming the answer to q2 is yes) that the EZ V supports?
    4- Can the EZ V be used to store NDS roms as well?
    5- Is it as easy as just drag and drop for both GBA and NDS roms (EZ V)?
    6- Can EZ 4 be used with R4DS? I was looking on youtube and some guy used the M3 instead.
    7- Which one would you recommend?

    thanks a lot.
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    I assume you mean the 3 in1 part of the EZ5 (the EZ5 is a DS slot flash cart like the R4).

    1. The EZ4 lite compact has smaller memory and is limited to smaller games (8 megabytes/64megabits if memory serves).
    2. No
    3. N/A
    4. Some have used it for a bit of DS homebrew but no DS roms on the 3 in 1.
    5. Rudolph's EXP pack loader/ 3 in 1 tool is pretty much just drag and drop, patching is a case of press open, select rom, hit send though.
    6. The EZ4 is a cart in its own right, the exp pack tool added support though and the R4 should be able to boot it into DS mode.

    7. Compatibility for both is top notch, if you only want a few GBA games the 3 in 1 is cheap, widely supported and works well.
    If you want to play through the best the GBA has then I would consider the EZ4 as you will need the extra space (GBA games average about 6-12 megabytes when trimmed but when you have about 80 of them it gets fairly big). If you do go with the EZ4 try and find and EZ4 lite deluxe.