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    Jun 27, 2018
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    Good day, everyone! I have been doing some research into the e-reader cards when I discovered the existence of the Kirby e3 e-reader cards. It got me thinking, if one could visually determine the placement of the card via a symbol on the corner (none, a triangle, or a circle), it made me wonder how much data an e-reader card can hold.

    2.2 Kilobytes. An image with the resolution of the GBA can potentially be a size of around 1.17 kilobytes alone. Not to mention the music as well, I can very well imagine that combination would take up the entirety of the 2.2 kb space.

    However, there is an idea that is nagging at me. What if somehow both the backgrounds and music can be compresssed or somehow dynamically re-created, and the value of just one variable in the dot-code determines the result of the final image? That, instead of one image taking 1.17 kilobytes, individual tiles, kirby's sprites, circles/stars, and text that are already predefined (and take up a lot less space) can be placed by some looping code. kirby.png

    The backgrounds of all 3 cards are the same, with the difference being the circles transforming into the stars in the 1st prize spot. Yet... every single white circle is replaced by a star on the exact same areas. It just makes me wonder about the code hidden within it. It's almost as if they could be dynamically changed depending if you got the right internal value? Or maybe I'm just thinking into this too deeply.

    (I looked into some various e-reader tools, though I will admit I became a bit overwhelmed with all the things that are out there for the e-reader.)

    I just wonder if all 3 cards (data for the loser and 2nd place are out there) have the same base but with one variable holding the key to unlocking the visual and music of the 1st place screen, even if it is something small.
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    Single screen, minor animation and short tunes I would be stunned to see be just a picture, not to mention such things are sometimes easier said than done on a GBA (it is not as bad as the NES but not as easy as the likes of the DS would end up being and you have to think about it). Small demos like that... well there are whole "parties" dedicated to making such things in a few hours ( http://www.pouet.net/ , code golf and plenty of other things like that). Nintendo will have plenty of coders on staff to make things like that for a promotion -- how many games do we see get builds for demo and almost parallel development for the end game.

    It is not impossible that it is just a flag difference between them (if you want to help start things run the other two versions and view any VRAM and savestates to see if the graphics are there -- loser might be separate but winners a minor change so do make sure to do both)

    You could probably rip the assets if you really wanted and remake something like it, don't know if the font was used in another game and equally the pixel art. Was the tune any different do we know?
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