ExtremeJeux.com Homebrew Competition 2009

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    [​IMG] ExtremeJeux.com Homebrew Competition 2009
    Hosted by PlayerAdvance.org
    French online video game accessories and flashcart store ExtremeJeux.com just started a homebrew competition, hosted over at PlayerAdvance. The rules are simple:
    • The purpose is to create new homebrew projects. As such, only new creations can be submitted.
    • The authors only have 2 weeks to submit their creations. Of course, this means they don't expect fully polished homebrew to be submitted: only the most original or interesting ideas or concepts will be rewarded.
    • A single person may submit multiple entries, however one person can only be rewarded with 1 prize.
    • The winners will be rewarded with DSTT+2GB MicroSD bundles. 3 packs are originally offered but they said they may go up to 5 depending on the quality of the entries.
    Although the website hosting the competition is french, you may very well enter the competition as it's open to everyone!
    [​IMG]¬†Read the topic over at PlayerAdvance.org
    [​IMG]¬†Many thanks to ExtremeJeux.com for sponsoring the competition!
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