Extracting/Ripping Wii Games and Reading GCM/GCS files


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Dec 11, 2021

I've been trying like crazy to rip sound effects from the Wii game "Ben 10 Protector of Earth".

I was able to exctract all of its files, and despite finding all Cutscenes in readable format, all I get are 99 GCM and GCS files. What I found is that they are all of the game's content but compressed and dividied into many parts. I was able to download the GameCube Tools software but it was unable to extract the GCMs (since they are pretty small files, around 32kb) and it doesn't support the GCSs (which seems to be where the actual content is, since the bigger sizes).

I've seen some discussions about it, but none has evolved since last year.

Does anyone have any ideas where to start?
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