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    Aug 25, 2010
    I've been trying to extract the modified version of Fire Emblem Shadow Dragon, since the Wii U VC version has been modified to grant access to the content that was formerly gated by online access. However, the patch appears to be separate from the ROM inside of the game files, since accessing the online shop when playing on the emulator brings up the connect to server thing (after warning about tying the DS cart to the DS), while on the Wii U it skips that part (I extracted the ROM after decrypting the files on PC). Is there a way to either apply the patch, or get the patched ROM directly? ie. when the ROM is loaded into the Wii U VC RAM, would extracting it from the memory yield the modified ROM?

    How does one get a DS VC ROM from the memory, anyway? I've only found posts for a memory location for SNES VC games, and instructions for GBA VC games.

    Edit:: Played around with TCPGecko, the DS ROM didn't seem to be in a single piece anywhere in the Wii U RAM. What in the hell?...
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