extract image from .wad

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  1. myspacee

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    Hello to all,
    try to script a tool to manage (Wiiware) .wad

    It' a tool that rename based on CRC and using clearmame .dat, convert between region, etc...

    Is there a tool that can extract images from .wad ?
    (command line if is possible)

    Thank you for any info,

  2. KiiNG

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    Aug 20, 2009
    United States
    It's not a terminal prompt, but WADder will extract images. There's also a handful of tpl tools that can achieve the same thing.
  3. myspacee

    myspacee Newbie

    try application, but can't do massive images extraction.

    Anyone know if exist a Wiiware snapshot/title collection ?

    thank you,