extract/convert Mario Galaxy Sounds/Music ?

Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by Alimdoener, Mar 4, 2009.

  1. Alimdoener

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    Mar 3, 2009
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    - music converted to *.wav-Files

    As already stated in 2 other threads, I want to extract/convert the Mario Galaxy sounds and music, but I'm running into problems with all the different file-formats :/
    Here's my current progress.

    1. extracted the game-partition of the PAL ISO with WiiScrubber
    The unpacked folder structure looks like this:
    • AllTargetAddressMap
    • AllTargetModuleData
    • AudioRes
    • EuDutch
    • EuEnglish
    • *3 other languages*
    • HomeButton2
    • LayoutData
    • MapPartsData
    • ModuleData
    • MovieData
    • ObjectData
    It's obvious that the folder AudioRes might be what I'm looking for.
    It's size is around 700MB.
    That one's structure looks like this:
    • Info
      contains 3 *.arc files (JaiChord.arc, JaiMe.arc, JaiRemixSeq.arc)
      JaiChord.arc gives a lot of files likes this: smg_astrodome03_midi.cit
      These midi-files are stripped down versions of the streamed audio soundtrack which are for synching sound-effects and music, so they can be ignored

      JaiMe.arc gives 2 files (defaultme.bme, metable.bmt)
      no clue what it's for
      JaiRemixSeq gives 1 file (defaultremixseq.brs)
      no clue what it's for
      contains 1 *.arc file
      extracts to 105 *.rarc-Files
      can't extract those becuase rarcdump hangs up
      contains 1 *.arc file
      can't extract that one, the console just looks like that:
      C:\>yaz0dec SpkRes.arc
      input file size: 0x36AE0
    • Stream
      contains 75 *.ast files
      extracted them with vgmstream
      Contains all in-game music files, worth 1,34GB of *.wav-Files

      contains 50 *.aw files
      They look like that: B00mahit_0.aw[*]SMR.szs
      decompressed to 1 rarc file
      can't decompress this one further
      Command-Line output looks like that:
      C:\>rarcdump SMR.rarc
    So we have 3 file formats *.cit, *.aw, *.ast but no clue how to playback or convert them.
    Any hints would help!
  2. ddp127

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    Jan 14, 2009
    sorry, i dont know much about that, but i just want to support your project

    keep up the good work [​IMG]
  3. SanGor

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    Aug 21, 2008
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    first step should be to look INTO the files for magicbytes not for the file extentions
  4. Alimdoener

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    Mar 3, 2009
    United States
    Using vgmstream I was able to extract all 75 *.ast-Files which contained all in-game music.
    Now I still need the sounds which I was first looking for.

    Here is the content of the *.bat-File I used to extract the music
    test.exe SMG_astrodome02_strm.ast -o SMG_astrodome02_strm.wav
    test.exe SMG_astrodome03_strm.ast -o SMG_astrodome03_strm.wav
    test.exe SMG_astrodome04_multi.ast -o SMG_astrodome04_multi.wav
    test.exe SMG_astrodome_multi.ast -o SMG_astrodome_multi.wav
    test.exe SMG_astroout01_strm.ast -o SMG_astroout01_strm.wav
    test.exe SMG_astroout02_strm.ast -o SMG_astroout02_strm.wav
    test.exe SMG_astroout03_strm.ast -o SMG_astroout03_strm.wav
    test.exe SMG_boss01a_strm.ast -o SMG_boss01a_strm.wav
    test.exe SMG_boss01b_strm.ast -o SMG_boss01b_strm.wav
    test.exe SMG_boss02a_strm.ast -o SMG_boss02a_strm.wav
    test.exe SMG_boss02b_strm.ast -o SMG_boss02b_strm.wav
    test.exe SMG_boss03a_strm.ast -o SMG_boss03a_strm.wav
    test.exe SMG_boss03b_strm.ast -o SMG_boss03b_strm.wav
    test.exe SMG_boss04_strm.ast -o SMG_boss04_strm.wav
    test.exe SMG_boss05a_strm.ast -o SMG_boss05a_strm.wav
    test.exe SMG_boss05b_strm.ast -o SMG_boss05b_strm.wav
    test.exe SMG_boss06a_strm.ast -o SMG_boss06a_strm.wav
    test.exe SMG_boss06b_strm.ast -o SMG_boss06b_strm.wav
    test.exe SMG_boss07_multi.ast -o SMG_boss07_multi.wav
    test.exe SMG_boss08_strm.ast -o SMG_boss08_strm.wav
    test.exe SMG_boss09a_multi.ast -o SMG_boss09a_multi.wav
    test.exe SMG_boss09b_multi.ast -o SMG_boss09b_multi.wav
    test.exe SMG_boss10_strm.ast -o SMG_boss10_strm.wav
    test.exe SMG_ev_epilogue_b_strm.ast -o SMG_ev_epilogue_b_strm.wav
    test.exe SMG_ev_kinotan_strm.ast -o SMG_ev_kinotan_strm.wav
    test.exe SMG_ev_kuppabt01_strm.ast -o SMG_ev_kuppabt01_strm.wav
    test.exe SMG_ev_prolo01_b_strm.ast -o SMG_ev_prolo01_b_strm.wav
    test.exe SMG_ev_prolo01_strm.ast -o SMG_ev_prolo01_strm.wav
    test.exe SMG_ev_prolo02_strm.ast -o SMG_ev_prolo02_strm.wav
    test.exe SMG_ev_prolo03_strm.ast -o SMG_ev_prolo03_strm.wav
    test.exe SMG_ev_prolo04_strm.ast -o SMG_ev_prolo04_strm.wav
    test.exe SMG_ev_prolo05_strm.ast -o SMG_ev_prolo05_strm.wav
    test.exe SMG_ev_rabbit_strm.ast -o SMG_ev_rabbit_strm.wav
    test.exe SMG_ev_race02_multi.ast -o SMG_ev_race02_multi.wav
    test.exe SMG_ev_race_strm.ast -o SMG_ev_race_strm.wav
    test.exe SMG_ev_starchance02_strm.ast -o SMG_ev_starchance02_strm.wav
    test.exe SMG_ev_starchance_strm.ast -o SMG_ev_starchance_strm.wav
    test.exe SMG_fileselect_strm.ast -o SMG_fileselect_strm.wav
    test.exe SMG_first_astro_strm.ast -o SMG_first_astro_strm.wav
    test.exe SMG_galaxy01_strm.ast -o SMG_galaxy01_strm.wav
    test.exe SMG_galaxy01_tomb_strm.ast -o SMG_galaxy01_tomb_strm.wav
    test.exe SMG_galaxy02_hurry_strm.ast -o SMG_galaxy02_hurry_strm.wav
    test.exe SMG_galaxy02_strm.ast -o SMG_galaxy02_strm.wav
    test.exe SMG_galaxy03_multi.ast -o SMG_galaxy03_multi.wav
    test.exe SMG_galaxy04_multi.ast -o SMG_galaxy04_multi.wav
    test.exe SMG_galaxy05_strm.ast -o SMG_galaxy05_strm.wav
    test.exe SMG_galaxy06_strm.ast -o SMG_galaxy06_strm.wav
    test.exe SMG_galaxy08_strm.ast -o SMG_galaxy08_strm.wav
    test.exe SMG_galaxy09_strm.ast -o SMG_galaxy09_strm.wav
    test.exe SMG_galaxy10_hurry_strm.ast -o SMG_galaxy10_hurry_strm.wav
    test.exe SMG_galaxy10_strm.ast -o SMG_galaxy10_strm.wav
    test.exe SMG_galaxy11_multi.ast -o SMG_galaxy11_multi.wav
    test.exe SMG_galaxy12_strm.ast -o SMG_galaxy12_strm.wav
    test.exe SMG_galaxy13_strm.ast -o SMG_galaxy13_strm.wav
    test.exe SMG_galaxy14_strm.ast -o SMG_galaxy14_strm.wav
    test.exe SMG_galaxy15_hurry_strm.ast -o SMG_galaxy15_hurry_strm.wav
    test.exe SMG_galaxy15_strm.ast -o SMG_galaxy15_strm.wav
    test.exe SMG_galaxy16_multi.ast -o SMG_galaxy16_multi.wav
    test.exe SMG_galaxy17_strm.ast -o SMG_galaxy17_strm.wav
    test.exe SMG_galaxy18_strm.ast -o SMG_galaxy18_strm.wav
    test.exe SMG_galaxy19_strm.ast -o SMG_galaxy19_strm.wav
    test.exe SMG_galaxy20_strm.ast -o SMG_galaxy20_strm.wav
    test.exe SMG_galaxy21_strm.ast -o SMG_galaxy21_strm.wav
    test.exe SMG_galaxy22_strm.ast -o SMG_galaxy22_strm.wav
    test.exe SMG_galaxy23_strm.ast -o SMG_galaxy23_strm.wav
    test.exe SMG_galaxy24_multi.ast -o SMG_galaxy24_multi.wav
    test.exe SMG_galaxy25_strm.ast -o SMG_galaxy25_strm.wav
    test.exe SMG_galaxy26_strm.ast -o SMG_galaxy26_strm.wav
    test.exe SMG_galaxy27_strm.ast -o SMG_galaxy27_strm.wav
    test.exe SMG_galaxy28_strm.ast -o SMG_galaxy28_strm.wav
    test.exe SMG_galaxy_inter_strm.ast -o SMG_galaxy_inter_strm.wav
    test.exe SMG_second_astro_strm.ast -o SMG_second_astro_strm.wav
    test.exe SMG_staffroll_strm.ast -o SMG_staffroll_strm.wav
    test.exe SMG_title_strm.ast -o SMG_title_strm.wav
  5. Mark McDonut

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    Oct 8, 2008
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    Wow, looks like you're getting there [​IMG] Excellent work.
  6. CasperH

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    It is all on limewire/torrents?
    What's the point to rip them?
  7. Alimdoener

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    Mar 3, 2009
    United States
    Getting the music was not my original aim.
    Having it in full quality is nice though.

    I rather want the sounds for personal use (and fun), but I have few time to work on it.

    Today I recorded some of them via Line-In, but only the ones without BG music are OK.
    Filtering them gives shitty results, so now my idea is replacing all the in-game music files with silence.

    This is probably easier than finding out how the sequencer stuff works.

    Any better ideas?