External Wii Modchip!

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    Apr 7, 2006
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    I thought i should share this great idea for modchips

    Info from maxconsole forums provided by German-Guy

    Wii external Modchip Port and Chip Dongle! With PICTURES!
    First: Sorry for my bad english, i am from germany


    Here are some pictures of my external wii chip port. You can connect all released Modchips (Wiibuster, Cyclowiz, Wiinja) incl. in future the Wiikey. The update function of the Cyclowiz with switch and the Sleep-Mode function (with Reset Switch@Wii) works, too.

    The Dongle with the Chip (grey Dongle = Cyclowiz, silver Dongle = Wiibuster) have a red Test-LED. Is the LED off, you can disconnect and change the Modchip-Dongle.
    Both Modchip works great with the Wii and all games incl. PAL-Version of Rayman, CoD3 and SpongeBob (only with Wiibuster).

    You can connect a DIY-cable for: "Wii_DVD_Tool_ISO_Loader_0.2_WinALL-SYNDiCATE" and it WORKS!
    Thanks for the brainstorming and help@Phaethon on the wii-toolz.de Forum!

    Yes, the Chips are IN the Dongle.

    In the grey dongle is the cyclowiz inside.
    In the silver dongle is the wiibuster inside.
    More dongle with another Modchips (Wiinja, Wiikey) comming soon!

    The port with the dongle support all DVD-Drive-Hack Modchips and the Wii DVD_Tool ISO Loader!

    The PIN Selection of the D-Sub 9 Port:
    1 = Chip Pin A
    2 = Chip Pin B
    3 = Chip Pin C
    4 = V -> Voltage (3,2V)
    5 = G -> Ground
    6 = X for Cyclo Update function
    7 = S for Cyclo Update function
    8 = Sleep Mode for Chips (connect to Wii Reset Switch)
    9 = Chip Pin D for Wiikey

    The Cyclo Dongle have a switch for the UPDATE-Mode and both Dongle haves red LED for testet the connection and function!

    Here are the pictures (sorry for the wrong date/year at the pictures):

  2. adgloride

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    Apr 2, 2003
    Wasn't this done ages ago?
  3. Wuschmaster

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    Apr 15, 2006
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    Yup, old.
  4. Takrin

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    Oct 7, 2006
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    i always thought serial was super ugly
    perhaps a RJ45 port would have been pretty, USB female didnt look bad but cant go over 5 wires on those.

    but really, i dont think i want to carve a hole in my wii for a drive hack, i'll just open it
  5. Dthruking

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    Mar 28, 2007
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    thats the wiifree method isnt it? that was done FOREVER ago!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. outphase

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    Nov 21, 2005
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    Not quite the wiifree method, although similar external mounts are favored amongst those who use the wiifree. (such as myself)