External memory flashcarts faster than internals?

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    Mar 30, 2007
    Well, I've owned a DS-X for a long time now, and it worked as it should, games had no lag, etc. but sometimes when watching episodes of Family Guy or the POTC3 movie (this is not bad conversion, read on to find out why), which had a lot of action, there were lots of slowdowns (image and audio lag for a second, then audio goes a little bit out of sync), which was quite annoying. I thought it was a conversion problem, but I have watched a lot of movies and episodes and they ALWAYS had the same problem (all were from GBAtmw.net, a website for DPG videos). Some homebrew was quite slow too, like Moonshell took 5+ sec. to load and Lameboy took like 2 sec. to load a GBC rom.

    Now, recently I got my R4, and all works perfectly. Games run as expected, just the slowdown as reported on TH:DJ (I don't know, I don't play that game, I follow your reports [​IMG]). One thing I DID notice. Loading Moonshell is much faster. Now you're saying, oh, that's normal. Really? Then how come my movies and episodes which LAGGED on the DS-X play absolutely perfectly on the R4? NO slowdowns whatsoever, it's just perfect. Lameboy loads a ROM REALLY fast, I was quite amazed too (less than 1 sec).

    I'm using a Kingston 1 GB Japan.

    So my question is: Are external memory flashcarts faster than the internal memory ones when it comes to homebrew and Moonshell videos (when equipped with a fast/acceptable memory card)?

    In my case, it certainly is.
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    I think what more likely happened is the homebrew reading code/hardware was not very well optimised.

    As for internal memory, corruption, lack of space, difficulty in changing and to a lesser extent writing to it are the big detractors.
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    Jul 11, 2007
    I've watched two movies on my DS-X, and have yet to experience any kind of lag. [​IMG]

    edit; I do experience some slowdown in TH:DJ though, but that's .. normal [​IMG]