[Explorers of Sky Starter Hack] PMD Explorers of Lava, Explorers of Sea, and Explorers of Light

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    This is the first time I submit a ROM Hack in GBAtemp. :wink:
    Today I present to you three starter hacks of PMD Explorers of Sky! These starter hacks are based off the Japan only Wiiware games, Keep Going! Blazing Adventure Squad, Let’s Go! Stormy Adventure Squad(Pikachu and Eevee didn’t get Let’s Go! first lol) and Go For It! Light Adventure Squad. Each one has the starters from these games playable for both genders along with new ones I added in based on their wild Pokemon exclusives. Please note that I didn’t touch Sky’s gender exclusive starters or the partner Pokemon.
    The rom hacks are still the same as Explorers of Sky but with starter changes, however, perhaps you might be bored with the default starters and want to try different Pokemon. Here’s each version of the rom hack.

    Explorers of Fire

    This is based off of Keep Going! Blazing Adventure Squad


    Explorers of Sea

    This is based off of Let’s Go! Stormy Adventure Squad


    Explorers of Light

    This is based off of Go For It! Light Adventure Squad


    You can see that some starters are in the list twice due to the gender exclusives. I did this because I wanted the Wiiware starters to be available to both genders which is why I didn’t edit the gender exclusives. Wynaut and Azurill were starters in Stormy Adventure Squad but I replaced them with Kirlia and Marill because they are too weak to be a PMD starter.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Download(contains three patches for which version you want)

    Use Delta Patcher to patch with 4273 - Pokemon Mystery Dungeon - Explorers of Sky (US)(XenoPhobia) ROM.


    • Playing as a starter that was not a starter in PMD will use the walking animation for frames that it doesn’t have (hands up, eating, sleeping, etc) They will also use their normal portrait for every situation in the game

    • Playing as Cubone, Machop, or Psyduck will cause them to use their portraits and animations from Rescue Team, since the Explorer games are built off of Blue Rescue Team (Time/Darkness debug menu allows you to go back to a buggy Town Square and story animations for Pokemon used in Rescue Team are left unused in Explorers) Also, you get something funny when they eat in the guild
    These rom hacks should be able to rescue players with Time/Darkness/Sky since I only changed the starters, if they do not please let me know.
    During the first question in the quiz which asks you if you played Time or Darkness, selecting no will increase your chances of getting the new starters.

    Me for editing the starters
    evandixon for the tool SkyEditor, which allowed me to make these three small hacks
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