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Discussion in 'Xbox 360 - Hacking & Homebrew' started by Fudge, Aug 28, 2011.

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    My idea is to use the PlayOnline Viewer app that comes with Final Fantasy XI to create a fake server and stream data back to the 360, since it doesn't use Xbox Live. The idea is very similar to the GameCube exploit using PSO. I'm not a programmer or coder (yet), but do any more knowledgeable people think this could work?
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    If you want to ask about such things asking on xboxhacker would be a better place, that is where the great 360 guru's hang out. They probably thought of it, but perhaps you can find out whats keeping them from using it. If you know what the problem is, then you can try to find the relelvent people who might be willing to work on it.
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    Might be a little late but since I was browsing.

    It won't work.

    Everything that runs in memory of a 360 is hashed.
    If you upload unsigned code then it will fail verification and likely return with an error.

    The 360 is designed to be secure from a software point of view.
    However it was not secure from a hardware point of view.

    The KingKong hack did something similar but the shaders in the disc wheren't checked at all so they could upload whatever they could onto a KK disc.
    It required a hacked DVD drive and kernel 4xxx.

    The jTAG, Timing Attack and recent Reset Glitch all rely upon hardware.
    There isn't much for softmods or software exploits on the 360.
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