"Exception (DSI) Occurred!" When returning to loader.

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    Aug 4, 2010
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    Well, I've got a problem with retuning to the loader from a forwarder or custom channel created with CustomizeMii. It seems that with some homebrew applications, when I exit them, and they try to return to a loader, instead of returning to HBC or System Menu. Then this, "Exception (DSI)" happens, and I have to force reboot the Wii, which kinda ruins the convenience of having a custom channel anyway. If software like ftpii or WiiX-Ball tries to return to the loader from a custom channel, I get something like this:

    CODEException (DSI) occurred!
    GPR00 00000000 GPR08 00000000 GPR16 00000000 GPR24 00000000
    GPR01 80AE2934 GPR09 00000000 GPR17 00000000 GPR25 00000000
    GPR02 80AA20F0 GPR10 80B5C7C4 GPR18 00000000 GPR26 00000000
    GPR03 80C7C6B0 GPR11 000000BF GPR19 00000000 GPR27 80A63A40
    GPR04 0001FFF8 GPR12 00000000 GPR20 00000000 GPR28 933E0EE0
    GPR05 00000000 GPR13 80AA4A80 GPR21 00000000 GPR29 80C7BF48
    GPR06 00000000 GPR14 00000000 GPR22 00000000 GPR30 80C7BF58
    GPR07 00000000 GPR15 00000000 GPR23 00000000 GPR31 80C7C6B0
    LR 80A74D00 SRR0 80a5d038 SRR1 00000032 MSR 00000000
    DAR 00000010 DSISR 04000000

    80a5d038 --> 80a74d00 --> 80a68178 --> 80a7478c -->
    80a748f4 --> 80a642b8 --> 80a5dc70 --> 80a64f5c -->

    80a5d038: 89290010 7F8B4840 409C0020 906D0290
    80a5d048: 812D0280 8929002C 2F890000 419E0028
    80a5d058: 39200001 912D01CB 39200000 2C000000

    But if software like Wiicross or WiiMC is exited, it goes back to the System Menu.

    Is there anything I can do about this? Like fixing source code (but i don't know C or any homebrew APIs), trick the application into thinking it was loaded by HBC or tell it to return to the System Menu, or maybe even patch the binary?

    Thanks in advance! [​IMG]

    By the way, a "There's nothing you can do about it" reply would be appreciated too. XD