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Nov 28, 2008
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[long rant]
So... I haven't been on the temp for non-existent god knows how long(Though it's actually around a month, but hey it's just a figure of speech).

Well, I'm supposed to be studying, and I haven't been on here much, though I was still on facebook. So... I have GCSE 'O' Levels this year, and if my memory does not fail me, it starts on 25 of this month, and I'm quite stressed because I haven't been a good boy and I have miles of catching up to do. What's worse is, my maths is so absolutely horrendous and disgraceful. I'm planning on dropping Additional Math and just focusing on Elementary Math, I'll see how my progress on the latter goes first though. And humanities, ugh the damn subject. My Geography is pathetic, though I do see a lot of improvement in my Social Studies, but in the end, my humanities still fails as a whole.

I could probably do well in Science and do moderately well in English though, Science is easy to memorise (though I can't seem to find the mood to squeeze all the chemical reactions and physics formulas into my sophisticated brain presently, may just very well be the case of little usage and it's gotten pretty lazy) and well, I don't think too lowly of my English either(well, my free writing is pretty ok, but comprehension asks the most incomprehensible questions).

And well, my parents put a lot of hope into me since I scored pretty well for my major exams 4 years ago(though that exam for that year was actually extremely easy and me and my friends just breezed through it), but I feel I might disappoint them somehow. And my friends have been pushing me to study, and helping me study, I feel I might disappoint them too.

It might just be an exam, but considering how competitive the Singapore markets are, I got to at least get some good papers. And I'll be moving on to a tertiary education next year, and I need to get into a good course so it all depends on this half month of studies.

So yeah my mood and life is now just: Anxiety, panic, regret, fear, stress, etc. etc.

tl;dr I'm fucking stressed.

But on a lighter note: My sister borrowed a guitar from her friend and I take it out occasionally to learn one or two riffs, and it's pretty fun but I can't spend my time playing it now, but I plan on buying my own guitar after 'O' Levels. So that may be something that compels me to actually study. Also, I've been listening to a lot of Progressive Rock and Prog Metal lately and I find that it's pretty cool to listen to some epic instrumentals while I study(sometimes that is, it drastically decreases productivity)

Oh and I'm planning on finding a cheap PSP after O Levels too. I'll see how it goes.

I'll end with this:

P.S. Oh yeah, A few weeks back I won an umbrella with a Sesame Street design on it in a lucky draw. Like, how the hell did the happen? My other two friends only won fridge magnets ffs. A fucking umbrella?!

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