"Everyday"/ubiquitous technologies you do not use

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    Floating around the site as I do I see people mention not using a given technology that others are shocked to not see used so I thought a topic on such a thing would be interesting.

    No need for a massive introduction so on to the matter at hand

    Things FAST6191 does not use

    Mobile phones- it has never occurred to me to get one/maintain one. I did have one for a couple of years (a £20 Tesco job) back when I wandering around but barely bothered to take it off charge (the very definition of landline replacement), the £10 of credit I got at the same time as the phone lasted for said 3 years and probably lapsed with most of that on it. To pre-empt "I need it for work" types while I hate doing personal examples I reckon in this case it holds as it at least shows it is possible- I play freelance IT*/engineering these days and it seems to affect nothing.
    *I may be the luckiest bastard in all of IT in that I only get calls for serious matters (the grim spectre of company wide IT sortouts is looming mind) and similarly there are probably others in the organisation that can take calls.

    Portable music players- I dislike moving with headphones in which is most of it, I do have devices that I can twist to function as such (handheld consoles and such).

    Microwaves- they have fun components in so I do occasionally pull them apart but as for having one I think I was given one (that I later pulled apart).

    RSS- never used it, never seen the need to.

    Social networks- GBAtemp would be as close as I get to this. For real world associates I have yet to figure out how they would provide any advantage.

    Credit/debit cards- the rare occasions I buy stuff online aside I only have a debit card as a cashpoint key (to the point where I will walk out of a shop to find a cashpoint if I am not sporting enough cash)

    HDTV- if I buy another TV (I do not watch TV these days) HDTV will still have to prove itself worthy. Lump in "high definition" media if you want as well although I will concede that if you do not know what you are doing there is a difference.

    Electric toothbrush- tried them on several occasions over the years, consider them no different to a throwaway brush.

    Allen/Inbus bolts- I have yet to find a reason for their existence.

    Alarm clock- I have one in a box but can not remember the last time it was powered.
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    the only point of allen bolts is to piss you off. same with every other screw socket.
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    -Alarm clock (no need, I wake up right on time every day)
    -Electric toothbrush (manual is the way to go)
    -Mobile phone with camera and a bunch of other extras (you only 'need' a phone to call)
    -HDTV (nothing special, not worth the upgrade)
    -RSS (useless)
    -Twitter (yes, I know, I just made an account, only to see what it was like)
    -Google Buzz (same)
    -Windows 7 (I still use XP, never really saw the need to upgrade to Vista or 7)
    -CoD:MW2 (obvious)

    Yeah, not all of them are 'technologies', but they're still part of modern society, I guess.
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    • Networking sites
    • RSS
    • I don't have an electric toothbrush at the moment, although I have used them and I like them.
    • I use alarms now and then, but not very often. My radio's set to turn on in the morning to help wake me up if I need it, if that counts as an alarm. (Often don't need it though)
    Might post more if I think of more.
    Warning: Spoilers inside!
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    Maybe it's just me, but I don't know anyone with an electric toothbrush [​IMG]

    DVD writer: never seen the need to buy one. For backups, it's safer sticking to blocks of 700MB than lumping 4.7GB on a single disc and losing the lot if it corrupts. (technically my new PC just came with one built in, but that's standard now rather than choice so I don't think it counts).

    External hard drive: see above. Anyone using volatile storage as their only backup is just asking for it. Also I have no need to move large video files between PCs.

    Satnav: is reading a map supposed to be hard?

    Credit: it amazes me how so many people feel the need to spend money they haven't got.

    I think when it comes down to it usage of a lot of these items depends on someone's lifestyle. Social networks compensate for distance between yourself and the people you're interacting with. An MP3 player isn't much use if you don't do a lot of travelling by walking / public transport. Alarm clocks is an unusual one not to have, most people's natural sleeping pattern falls outside the realm of standard working hours.

    I can understand the microwave though. I rarely use mine; I lived without one for nearly a year until winter set in and I wanted to cook those little sponge puddings that take half an hour on a hob.
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    The worst thing about these is that people stare at them whilst on the motorway.


    edit: a straight line that has signs everywhere, gosh.
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    I don't use things, like:

    -Extra Controllers = Why would I need one? I live by myself, and when friends arrive, they bring theirs.

    -Netbooks (or laptops) = Why would I need something to overheat my lap and empty my wallet when I have a perfectly good desktop?

    -TVs (except for gaming) = I literally never use my TV. I really only use it to play my consoles. Weather? I have a radio.

    -Social Networking Sites = Why...? I opened a Facebook, and I never log in. I find it pointless and useless.