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    I don't usually start a topic just like that ( I'm more likely to express my opinion in somebody else's topic [​IMG] ) , and I usually ' search ' before posting, but something has been bogging me for quite some time now.
    I'm enjoying Professor Layton's game ( just like the majority of people here on GBAtemp it seams ) , in fact I finished the curious village not too long ago, and I'm half way trough the Diabolical Box.

    Now let me start by saying that I was born and raised in Italy, but I moved here to the States about 15 years ago ( which might be a lifetime for some of you ), there fore I'm used to European measurement units like cm, Km, Lt, gr, Celsius, meters....liters and so on ( you got the picture ) , while here in the States we use pounds, quarter pounds, inches, 10th of inches and so on.....and I'm not very good at it, I always thought the metrical system I grow up with it's more logical because it just multiplies itself ( like one decimeter is 10 centimeters and one meter is 10 decimeters or 100 centimeters or 1000 millimeters and so on ).

    So naturally when it comes to Professor Layton's puzzles, in most games they change some of the puzzles according to the region they release the game for.
    I've red somewhere that the UK voices of Professor Layton were more annoying compared to the USA voice overs( and also I am used to American English and I prefer it to British English, which I have some trouble understanding sometimes because of the different slang and pronunciation) but still I played the European version of the curious village because of the measurement units .
    Now I'm playing the USA version of the diabolical box, and as much as I'm enjoying it, I did get stuck a couple of times because of the measurement units that I'm not very good with.

    Now with all of that in mind, for all of you which played trough the European and USA version of the games , which do you think is the right region I should play those games from, excluding Italian of course ( because I hate the poor job they do when they translate games into my mother tongue ) ?

    Any help would be really appreciated, really.