[EU-N3DS] I fried my n3ds charging circuit.

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    Dec 12, 2016
    So... I made a plug to charge my n3ds with a piece of plastic and a couple of wires but even though I checked like a thousand times I got the polarity wrong and I think I fried the charging circuit. Now when I plug the regular adapter the led doesn't light up nor does the plug icon appear in the battery icon at the main menu, but otherwise the console is working fine.

    I understand that the led doesn't have to be on always, and I'm clinging to that hope, but I believe it should have lighted up after a short while of being unplugged.

    Right now I'm looking at mother board photos trying to figure out what I might've fried. I'm also looking into charging the battery externally but I'm not finding much info on it. Calling Nintendo or getting someone to fix it for me is out of the question because I have no money or warranty... Pls, send help.