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    Apr 2, 2018
    This is a NTR Plugin for the game Etrian Odyssey V: Beyond the Myth that I found in a Chinese forum.

    It works for all versions of the game:
    000400000018D000 (JAP)
    00040000001C5100 (USA)
    00040000001C5300 (EUR)

    As stated by the original author, it works with JAP version (1.0+1.1), as well as (1.0) versions of USA and EUR.
    However, in my case, running the newest EUR version of the game with all updates and DLCs proved to work fine and I did not have any problems so far.
    In order to use it, please create a folder in the /plugins folder in the root of your SD card with the name corresponding to one of the 3 game codes, and place the unziped .plg file in it.

    This version is a combination by author speedfly with a few older codes first made by ymyn.
    Here is a list of supported functions across all regional versions of the game:

    1. Money 77777777
    2. Skill Point 77
    3. Inf HP in Battle
    4. Two Hit Kill
    5. Union Skill 100
    6. Inf TP in Battle
    7. Enemy TP 0 after Use
    8. EXP Rate Mode after Battle
    (Y+U/D +/-1) (Y+Ri/Le +/-10) (Y+R/L +/-100) (Here Display EXP Rate)
    9. EXP Max after Battle
    10. Encounter Bar 0
    11. All Monster Album
    Need Enter Monster Album Once
    12. All Item Album
    Need Enter Item Album Once
    13. Shop Sell Item Mode
    Can Buy All Item Exclude Materials by ymyn
    14. Shop Price 1
    15. No Class Equipment Restriction
    by ymyn
    16. Preemptive Attack
    Encounter Only by ymyn
    17. Inf Fishing
    by ymyn
    18. Inf Mine
    by ymyn
    19. Walk Throw Obstacle
    Hold X Button Move by ymyn
    20. All Coin 77
    21. Time Stop
    Hold START+B Button Move Hour +1
    22. Item Drop 100
    by ymyn
    23. Keep Temp Save
    (Enable before Read Save) by ymyn


    Special thanks and all credits goes to speedfly / ymyn.
    Here is the original link: ht*tp://www*.speedfly*.cn/13260*.html (Please remove the (*)s since I cannnot include any hyperlink as a new member.)

    (I tried to find a usable .plg for the EUR version for the past several days with no success until I ran into this. I just registered for an GBAtemp account 10 minutes ago just to share this with everyone XD)

    However please do not post questions on the super technical side of things or ask for functionality additions, since I am just translating and sharing the work from the original Chinese author.

    (Properly cited, of course, being a responsible IB student ;P)

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    thanks for the effort sir :grog:
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