Eternal Darkness Glitch/Bug! (ARGH!!!)

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    This fucking blows. I have 5 hours into Eternal Darkness and I am right at the end of Edwin Lindseys chapter and I did the cutscene where Pious Augustus comes out and the Montorak statue kills his gatekeeper and hurts Pious. So I saved the game, I went to the back door and halfway through the last cinema of the chapter it freezes (its a burned copy so its expected). So I load it back up from when I saved after the cutscene and the door isn't open. I tried to do some many things to get it to open and its closed. So I can't finish the game!!! ARGH!!! I was so into it right now and now I can't fucking finish it!!!

    Does anyone know how I could possibly fix this, maybe get a save or something. Because I want to finish the game!
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    this is kinda like the bug in twilight princess where you save in the cannon room and your stuck there [​IMG]