Error: usb loader gx needs unstubbed cios 222 v4 or 249 v9. Help please!!

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    Mar 6, 2016
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    I just homebrewed my wii and have everything I think is essential for games to work. I have all the software stored on a usb flash drive and have successfully loaded gamecube games with nintendont.

    I followed some instructions to play wii games by making a folder called wbfs and using a wii backup manager to convert the iso of a game i wanted to play (kirby's epic yarn in case you were curious) into a wbfs file.

    I put the folder containing the wbfs file onto the usb and when i plugged it into the wii and booted up usb loader gx, i could see the game on the menu, but when i click to launch it, it just goes into a black screen.

    I was advised to download the d2x cIOS, but after I did, when I try to load usb loader gx, I get the error message from the title (usb loader gx needs unstubbed cios 222 v4 or 249 v9).

    How can I go about fixing this? Thanks!!
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