Error Ret -2011 on Wii at 4.1 Need USB loader GX installed

Discussion in 'Wii - Backup Loaders' started by MrRochie, Aug 19, 2009.

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    [​IMG] Greets Dudes & Dudettes.... A friend of mine brought his Wii over and asked my help in updating it to allow him to use the USB backuploader gx.... (I use that loader on my Wii and it is great!!! Props to the programmers!!) The problem is that I do not know what he has installed on this Wii except he has BootMii, HBC and is at firmware 4.1U He said he used Wanikoko upgrader to get there... He did not know what IOS's had been installed or anything. I have been trying the USB forwarder wad to load and install but I keep getting the ret-2011 error. I tried to install cIOS38 rev14 but it gave me ret -1 errors... (network install) I'm really at a point wondering what to do next??? Should I downgrade him and start over not knowing what has been installed IOS wise? I hate to brick him in the attempt... Ideas? Thoughts? Whats the best method?... Since he is already at 4.1 w HBC and bootmii. [​IMG]
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    One issue might be try. IOS downgrader, i believe that should fix your issue. After you run that wad, reinstall USB LOADER WAD, and go back to IOS downgrader.

    The IOS downgrader helps sometimes to get rid of -2011 errors, especially during updates and upgrades.

    Also you can try .dol version of USB Loader GX and run it through HBC.

    Hope that helps.

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    you need to use trucha bug restorer.
    refer to my guide for instructions
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    Where is the trucha bug restorer guide?

    I dont see it anywhere here:
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    It's currently in the "Modify 4.2" section. I'm guessing you didn't look very hard.