'Error loading config file' on Supercard Rumble

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    Sep 19, 2007
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    Hi There,

    I searched the internet to try to get Lemmigs DS to get to work. Also started a topic on the original forum but there no answer yet that gets me further. I hope somebody can help me here. ( I am helped well there)

    The problem that I have that when I start the game it says something like ´make sure the lemmingsd_config.txt is in to root of you card and that it is not corrupted.´ The file is in the root. I tried to unzip the game on my hard drive and copy iy to the memory card and unzip it directly to the card. Still the same problem. The error message is in coloured text and has the black/green backgrounf as can be found on screenshots.

    I am using a SuperCard Rumble SD and the firmware version 1,83 (with 1.7 it didn´t do anything). I patched with the standard dldi and the moon dldi. When using the moon dldi the screen freezes at black after it turned from white to black. With the standard dldi i got the problem i described.

    I formatted to card to FAT, although in the properties XP tells me that the file system in unknown. The archive checkbox of the config file is unchecked.

    Any ideas? I can have made beginners mistake cause I am a new in homebrew. My guess at this moment is that the patch is for normal SC cards and not for rumble cards.



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